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Fast 5 netball continues 2018 Tuesdays at Macleod

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Netball Melbourne

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to stay in shape that also enhances your social and team-building skills? Committed to providing an active and fun sporting environment to people across Melbourne Netball Competition is the service that you might have been looking for. Even if you don’t know how to play the game we will teach you the rules and way to play in a fun, friendly, and open environment.


Social Netball Melbourne

At Netball Competition we believe that the best way to create lasting friendships is to join our social netball teams. Melbourne residents of all ages can experience the fun and excitement of being an active part of our league!


Social Netball in Bulleen, Bundoora, Doncaster, Kew, Macleod, Northcote, South Morang, Diamond Creek, Clifton Hill & surrounding Melbourne suburbs

Thanks to our extensive training clinics and the team nature of our league Melbourne residents can experience our social netball league. When you join our league you will develop strong team relationships with other members of your team as you work as one to achieve victory! To join our social netball league Bulleen, Bundoora, Doncaster, Ivanhoe, Kew, Macleod, Northcote, and South Morang residents can contact us today.


Indoor Netball Melbourne

Are you wanting to play netball in a safe environment that is protected from all the elements? At our state of the art facilities members of the Netball Competition league will be able to play indoor full court netball in one of Melbourne’s best locations.


Indoor Netball in Northcote, Bundoora, Bulleen, Macleod & surrounding Melbourne suburbs

At Netball Competition we are completely committed to providing all players in our netball league with the best netball facilities. Thanks to our indoor netball stadium Northcote, Bundoora, Bulleen, and Macleod netball enthusiasts can play without fear of the weather interfering with your game.


Play Netball Melbourne

No matter your age or gender Netball Competition is passionate about providing you with an excellent experience when you play netball with us. If you are interested in playing netball with us Melbourne residents can contact us today!


Play Netball in Alphington, Bulleen, Macleod, Northcote, Bundoora & surrounding Melbourne suburbs

Thanks to our knowledge and experience Netball Competition is passionate about helping Melbournians learn to play netball. Whether you are in Alphington, Bulleen, Macleod, Northcote, or Bundoora you can find out more by contacting us today.